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MGCP patrocina livro do Museu do Caramulo
July 24, 2020
The definitive visual history of the automobile
July 26, 2020
Quando os Sócios escrevem
January 2, 2020

Recent activities

Termas Centro Classic Cars -
It was known that the subtropical storm “Alpha” was approaching, but the guarantee of a good programme and the welcoming that this Club always puts in...
170th MGCP Concentração
The 1st Concentração of the year took us back to the Barcarena Gunpowder Factory (Fábrica da Pólvora de Barcarena) where, in December 1999, we celebra...
Passeio dos Ingleses
For the second time the ACP Classics organized its 17th “Passeio dos Ingleses” simultaneously in Porto and in Lisboa.
Christmas Dinner
For the third consecutive time we returned to this hotel to have our Christmas Dinner and to close 2019 in a festive atmosphere.

Anniversary models of the year

95 years old

Old Number One 1925

There are differing views amongst Car Historians as to whether Old Number One was the original and first MG built. MGs were built for some two years before Old Number One came on the scene.

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90 years old

MG Tigress 1930

As MG’s first production race car, the Mark III 18/100, or Tigress model, was introduced in 1930. It was a six-cylinder car with a 2.5-litre overhead camshaft engine from the most recent Morris model. This engine was well-developed engine having a new camshaft, dry-sump lubrication, twin spark heads and many other improvements. The power was necessary as the Tigress weighted well over 3000 lbs, partly due to the four seat bodywork needed to conform to AIACR regulations.

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85 years old

MG R-type Midget 1935

Originally known as EX 146, the R type Midget was quite revolutionary. This new MG was the first British car to feature all-round independent suspension, as well as being the first MG to be offered for sale built as a single seater racing car.

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85 years old

MG NA Magnette 1935

The name Magnette was first used on an MG by Cecil Kimber in 1932 when the K series of cars were announced. The designation Magna preceded the Magnette range, first appearing on the F type in 1931.

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85 years old

MG 2 Litre SA Saloon 1935

The MG SA was launched at the 1935 Motor Show and this elegant saloon was the first all new model to be introduced since the merger with Morris Motors in July 1935.

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75 years old

MG Midget TC 1945

The MG TC Midget is probably one of the best known MGs to come out of Abingdon since the Second World War. As soon as the war was over the factory resumed car production after six years of producing tanks, armoured cars and aeroplane engines for the war effort.

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65 years old

MGA 1500 1955

The introduction of the MGA 1500 was a long awaited event by both the motoring public and the press. The new car before introduction was with an extremely attractive body, its flowing lines were to become one of today’s most desirable classic cars.

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55 years old

MGB GT 1965

When launched in May 1962, the MGB was to become for many, the epitome of the modern British sportscar; who would have thought that this MG model with its stunning lines would prove to be the last MG to be built at the famous Abingdon factory.

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35 years old

MG Montego Turbo 1985

The closure of the MG factory at Abingdon also marked the end of production of the two seater sports cars that had been the hallmark for many years.

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35 years old

MG EX-E Concept Car 1985

Because it was based on the reputable MG Metro 6R4 from where it inherited the 3.0-liter V6 engine and the four-wheel drive system. However, unlike the rally machine, the EX-E concept was envisioned by Austin Rover to be a proper road-legal supercar and some say that its design went on to influence the first-generation Honda NSX which was unveiled in production guise four years later.

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25 years old

MGF 1995

Introduced in 1995 to worldwide acclaim, the MGF car heralded the return of MG to volume two-seat sports car production that the marque vacated with the close of Abingdon in October 1980.

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We were the first brand club to emerge in Portugal and our purpose is to promote the prestige of the MG brand, bring together the owners of these vehicles and, in general, contribute to their preservation.



With Tranquilidade, a brand of Seguradoras Unidas S.A., MGCP offers two car insurance policies for Classic and Non-Classic vehicles and an optional occupant warranty.



To this end, the MGCP has always sought to obtain, for its associates, easiness in the acquisition of goods and services related to the maintenance and conservation of MG vehicles.

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